• Silica tape MKL-1,0 (35 mm)
  • Silica tape MKL-1,0 (35 mm)
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Silica tape MKL-1,0 (35 mm)

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High Temperature Silica Tape (EKOWOOL) is made of 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber which offers superior resistance to radiant heat and flame. It’s the best solution for electrical cables that are exposed to extreme heat. It is suitable for continuous use at 1000 °C (1,800°F). This wrap will not unravel or pull back from extreme heat.  Silica Tape MKL-1.0 (35) comes in 25 meters (~82 foots) rolls  and is 3,5 sm ( 1,38 inches) wide, thickness of 0.039″ (1.0 mm)

Tapes are able to withstand short term exposure up to 3000°F (1650°C), are constructed from a 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber. Silica Fiber tape can be cut on site to almost any shape. Unmatched abrasion resistance and tensile strength Silica tape MKL set the standard for flexibility and minimum lineal shrinkage under high heat conditions (5-7%).  
Available in thickness of 0.039″ (1.0 mm); 0.079″ (2,0 mm) and 0.12″ (3,0 mm) . 

silica tape MKL ekowool


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Type of silica tape MKLWidth, mmThickness, mm
MKL 1.0351.0
MKL 2.0352.0
MKL 3.0353.0
MKL 1.0501.0
MKL 2.0502.0
MKL 3.0503.0 


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  • Manufacturer:EKOWOOL