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  • Silica fabric
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Silica fabric

Silica fabrics are used as high temperature insulation, thermal protection for different branches of technique, namely for refractory paddings, gaskets and blankets, protecting from flame, splashes of molten metal, excessive heat, as a filler for composite materials, for manufacture of filters used for cleaning of the corrosive medium. Work temperature -60 C/ +1100 C.


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Technical characteristics of silica fabric

Type of silica  fabric 

Width, mm 

Thickness,  mm 

Stitch density, g/m2 

Type of stitch 

 Linear shrinkage at temperature 1000 С, % 

 KT-11 880-920 0,35 300 nets 7
 KT-11-TO 820-880 0,31 290 nets 1
 KT-11-C8\3 940 0,61 610 sateen 7
 KT-11-C8\3-TO 1000-1200 0,59 590 sateen 1